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~Teffie's Diary~



Filed under: Posts — Teffie @ 11:56:25 pm

Today was an ok day I guess... I got my neice for 2 days and my son is kinda cranky because he's cutting teeth but its not really that annoying.. I went to see hannah today and she's something else.. I really didnt do all much today besides pick up my neice go ride around and talk to a few friends then found this site... so far it doesn't seem all that bad but I just made a name like 5 minutes ago so who knows maybe it will be something good and different from most sites.. anyways not much to say really it's like 12:55am and I got to get up early but I'm sure I will find something to talk about tomorrow.. I always have something to talk about rather it be talking to a diary or someone.. but Im getting off here.... be nice to me I'm the new gurl and we all know how ppl treat the new kids lol

Lotsa Love, Tisses

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